Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Last Minute Halloween Rush

I have a few things planned this year when it comes to Halloween but they are all completely separate occasions so I had the luxury of choosing one look and it will cover all my events. As well and good as that may sound, for someone who is usually organised to each second of the day - I managed to leave everything to the last minute. Having to throw something half decent together in next to no time wasn't my idea of fun but since we have less than a week to go, I hoped sharing this would help you out too!

I was inspired by the Venetian Masquerade Ball and how mysterious but almost creepy the costumes look. I didn't have the time to go all out but a mask, gloves and black dress did the job just fine and you can easily plan around whatever you already have in your wardrobe! I chose to go reasonably dramatic with the make-up because it's Halloween and there's no such thing as too much - right?! Anyway, you can take from this whatever you like and adjust it how you see fit which is what makes it even better! :)

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

- Rupinder xo

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Going Dark..

So it looks like Autumn is well and truly upon us! I can't get my head around the fact it's already that time where we need to tuck away our denim shorts and pull out our chunky knits. Even though this year is FLYING by, the weather is undoubtedly changing so I felt it was about time for me to keep up with it. 

Two weeks ago I got rid of my honey highlighted hair and went jet black. I've wanted to do it for quite a while and I felt that the balyage not only doesn't suit the time of year but I also just fancied that change. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and I'm so glad it's the raven tone that I wanted it to be - rather than just a super dark brown. 

Going with that flow, I have also been wearing a really vampy lip colour lately. Naturally, we all feel its acceptable to wear deeper colours during the Autumn/ Winter time but I usually play it a bit more safe with a berry or a dark red. This year's concoction is a far cry from what I am familiar with but I am loving it and the fact that it's mega affordable too is just a bonus. Collection's lipliner in Damson is one I have had for years and is a wine purple when worn alone but to take it to the next level, I apply Topshop's lip bullet in Bewitched over the top to take the lips from 0-100.

What do you think?

- Rupinder xo

Friday, 2 October 2015

YSL's Touche Eclat - The Way You Should Be Using It..

One of the biggest explosions on the beauty scene was YSL's Touché Eclat. Selling faster than most of us could even begin to imagine, I personally wasn't particularly phased by it and if I'm honest, found it borderline useless as an under eye 'banisher.' I expected and needed more to hide away my dreadful dark circles and this just wasn't making the cut - that was until I realised I had been going about it all wrong.

The secret actually lies in this being an illuminator. Not concealer (or anything of a similar nature). Part of me thinks it's down to the marketing that it's used completely wrong but if you found you're in the same boat as me - this is essentially a highlighter. Use it over the top of your under eye concealer in the Kim K style 'triangle' shape, on the bridge of the nose, forehead, cupids bow and chin. This will boost and reflect light so you only want to use this in specific areas in a specific way. The Touché Eclat is a really beautiful product and has a dreamy formula however we all know using highlighters in the wrong places can leave a very unflattering result but when used right, there is nothing quite like it.

- Rupinder xo

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Top 5 Tips For Longer, Healthier Hair

Since adding hints of lighter colour, I have realised more so now than ever, the importance of taking care of my hair. Being naturally a rich, dark brown colour, I find that even though I have used virtually no bleach to get honey tips - there is a hell of a lot of maintenance involved. While I have always been good to it, I have recently been making more of an effort to step up my game so that the cracks don't begin to show..

1. Use minimal heat - This is a fairly obvious one but worth mentioning since it can make the world of difference. Hot styling tools damage the hair follicles when consistently used and encourages breakage. So keep the use of them down to a minimum for healthier hair. Using things like 'Tresemme's 7 Day Straight' serum have really helped hold my style for longer and means less fuss in the morning too.

2. Don't overwash - This isn't the standard 'Don't wash your hair too often' thing but instead a tip that requires you not completely washing out your conditioner. I very quickly flick my hair under the shower when rinsing out the product and have found my hair uses the remnants to stay glossy, soft and frizz free.

3. Blitz your hair with cold water - Following on from the above, a flash of ice cold water on the ends after conditioning seals in the oils your hair has absorbed during washing. You will notice your hair feels much more silky and shiny - not to mention the hydration it has benefited from.

3. Hair Masques - Something I absolutely SWEAR by. Rubbing in some essential oils to the ends of my hair or lathering it up with conditioner and let it soak for a few hours, if not overnight will work wonders. It's incredible for hair growth and repairing already dry, damaged hair. Doing these regularly has been one of the biggest helps in getting my hair to the healthy state it's in right now. 

4. Use the right tools - Tightly packed bristles on hairbrushes are a no go unless you are using them to tease or backcomb. Instead go for wide tooth combs, tangle teezers or wet brushes which are a lot more gentle and don't pull, strain or break your tresses. 

5. Take care of your scalp - The majority of this piece has been centred around taking care of the hair itself but your scalp is the most important part of the package. Looking after that is just as important if not more and should get as much attention as though it's a part of your skincare routine. Do regular head massages that get the blood flowing to the follicle and use treatments that nourish the area which does all the work and you will see the benefits with that more than anything!

- Rupinder xo

Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Foundation That Changed The Game

It's not often that I find products that are so amazing that I repurchase them for years onwards. This especially goes for foundations. I find that with my skin changing throughout the seasons, one foundation never really gets me through all situations and I am always looking to switch it up in the hopes of finding the one. It's like the struggle of finding the perfect jeans, however I can finally say I've found it..

L'Oreal's 24hr Infallible Matte foundation has changed my skin game. It's incredible and it's a bargain. This full coverage product has a light feel to it but it some how manages to smoothe over imperfections and not budge all day. It's not the mattest finish that I've ever tried but I do have quite an oily skin type so a powder is no stranger to me. With a light dust of setting powder over the top of this glorious foundation, my skin is flawless and the best it has ever looked. It's also a winner when it comes to staying put and trust me, I have put this through it's paces. I can't quite vouch for the 24 hour claim because I refuse to sleep in my make-up (as you should too!) but 9-10 hours of a long shift, in the summer says more than enough for me. The best way to apply this is with a buffing brush and to stipple it on first then blend out with a beauty blender to ensure there is no extra product sitting on the surface. I barely use any and just a small amount does the job nicely so a little goes a long way. For me personally, you can't go wrong with the price since I have spent far more on foundations that aren't even close to as awesome as this so it's pretty much ticked every box going. 

That said, as much as I hate to be a debbie downer, I have just one complaint to make. The shade '30 Honey' is slightly too light for me yet is as DARK as they get in terms of colour range which is a mega shame. So dear L'Oreal, if you're reading this, please take it as a written plea to release more shades of this foundation and I will be eternally grateful. As will women everywhere.

Have any of you tried this before?

- Rupinder xo

Monday, 7 September 2015

The 2 Minute Hairstyle I Could Live In..

I'm one of those girls that loves having my hair up but who hates how it looks. When I'm lounging about, my locks will indefinitely be thrown up in a high top knot and the chill time sets in. The feeling of not being swamped by my hair is utter bliss but at the same time not one that I feel is suited for when I leave the comfort of my own home. Hence the compromise you see above..

Ideal for school, work or even just being at home where you want the majority of your hair out of your face. It takes a matter of minutes to achieve and there is no real styling involved.. Winning.

1. Take your hair as it naturally falls and leave out some strands to frame your face.
2. Separate a chunk from the crown as though you were going to do a half up, half down style. As little or as much as you want to grab is completely up to you.
3. Scrunch up the hair in a messy bun and fasten with a bobble. Pin down any fly aways if need be.
4. Blitz with a touch of hairspray and dry texturizing spray.

Yes. that's it. As basic as it could possibly get but it's practical and still looks as though you've made some effort. I also took inspiration from JLO to create this so if you're undecided whether you're a fan - I think that justifies everything..

- Rupinder xo

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Top 5 Money Saving Beauty Tips

It's hard to keep up with the beauty industry sometimes. Even though it's a part of my job to stay ontop of trends, new releases and formulas, it gets overwhelming with how fast things move. Make-Up phases come and go, new technology is created what feels like everyday and brands are going into a frenzy releasing collections throughout the year. Yes it's exciting and amazing but if we keep it real here - it gets expensive. You don't always need to go budget for everything and there are ways to make your money go that little bit further..

1. Go Full Coverage - I love skin to look like skin and even though people think full coverage means 'heavy' and 'caked' - it doesn't. How much you choose to apply is completely up to you but by going for maximum coverage in your products makes it much more versatile. You can mix a little with a moisturiser for your very own tinted moisturiser, sheer it out with some setting spray for a light foundation or build it up for a flawless, special event effect. Spend your money well the once and you will be set for a good few months for everything.

2. Samples  - Samples are key in making sure that something is right for you. It's rare that you can get full refunds or money back if that product hasn't worked for you and that's an instant way for your money to have been wasted. I highly recommend asking for samples for whatever possible especially if you have sensitive skin - try it out at home and that way you will be 100% sure if the investment is worthy. 

3. Multi-functional Beauty - Having that one product that can do a lot not just saves on the pennies but also practicality. Think cream products that can be used on the lips and cheeks, bronzers that can be used as eyeshadows, eyeshadows that can be used as highlighters and so on. Getting more than one use out of something makes your spend a lot more beneficial.

4. Keep Your Mascara Wands - Wands can make or break a mascara and formula is an extra bonus. Larger brushes will tend to give you more of a dramatic look and thinner, fine bristled brushes will give more of a soft and defined look. When you've found something that works for you, hold onto the brush, keep it clean and use it as a spooley for your brows or with a cheaper mascara that will still do an awesome job.

5. Getting Back - Give and get back schemes are the perfect way to get your moneys worth with beauty. For instance, MAC'S 'Back To Mac' programme where if you return 6 empty containers, you receive a free lipstick or if you buy a foundation and Face Protect primer, you get a mini bag of sample sized products. Look out for bonus things where you can and go for package deals only if you actually need it - but then again I should probably start telling myself that.. 

- Rupinder xo