Tuesday, 25 March 2014

For All You Fashion Lovers Out There..

This is a post dedicated to a very special young lady who also happens to be my cousin. Her name is Prit (pronounced Preet in case your wondering) and my god isn't she gorgeous?!

Yes I could look at her lovely face all day BUT this post is being published today because she has an amazing fashion blog which is guaranteed to make you develop a style crush. I've been envious of that wardrobe for as long as I can remember and I could burst with pride that she's now a fellow blogger and showing the world what she's got. I really wanted some of my readers who are fashionista's to check her out because she's so fearless and creative with not just what she wears but pretty much everything in life.

All I can say is - GET IT GURL!

I'm just going to let these photos speak for themselves and leave you the link to her blog HERE.. you won't regret taking a peek I promise you!

Who's fashion blogs do you guys love?

-Rupinder xo

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