Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Express Manicure

I rarely ever visit beauty salons as I tend to favour the weekly Friday night pamper I allow myself. Trying to find the time and the expense involved with a beautician just isn't practical sometimes so I decided to run you through my go-to manicure treatment I have been using a lot recently. I've had so many events, parties and weddings to attend which means this has been tried, tested and approved to the max. I can also assure you that you don't need the patience of a saint, the budget of Kim Kardashian and the skill of a world renowned specialist for this. It's fast, simple, effective and gives the salon finish a good run for it's money. 

1. Remove all polish - I can't remember the last time I faffed around with cotton balls and nail varnish remover because it's just stressful to me. However, this instant dissolver by Bourjois is just bloody genius and to be frank - a god send. Containing a sponge that is saturated with nourishing but effective nail varnish remover, simply spin your finger around for a few seconds and the surface of the sponge will ensure any residual colour is completely gone with minimal time and effort.

2. Cut, File and Push Cuticles - Handy manicure kits like the one pictured above are brilliant for being on the go and just generally keeping all that you need in one place. It saves rifling through drawers trying to find things and avoids any misplacing of tools. Simply shape how you like by trimming the nail flat and filing in a one-way motion (not back and forth as it weakens the nails) and push in your cuticles to elongate the look of your nail and keep them healthy in appearance. 

3. Paint your nails - Using a fast drying, opaque colour speeds up the manicure process as waiting for coats to dry and having to pile them on is quite possibly the most annoying element to this procedure. I get impatient and tend to run my hands under super cold water when the varnish is tacky so that it drys faster and with a good quality polish - one colour looks amazing and the drying time will be next to nothing.
4. Moisturise - This next bit isn't a must but one I will never skip. Soft and supple hands will make your manicure look far better and more professional looking than if you were to leave them looking dry and dishevelled. This travel sized hand food is incredible, smells delicious and is super easy to keep in your handbag. It never leaves mine for those very reasons.

So there you have it - an easy, fast but pretty manicure that will take you just five minutes. Although this does mean there are absolutely no excuses now ladies.

- Rupinder xo


  1. I'd love to know where you bought the manicure kit from, I don't think I've ever seen one with so many handy tools in it. Most of the ones I've seen only include about three or four items, and sometimes they're not even the important ones you need!

  2. I really need to get back into the Bourjois nail thing. I have absolutely no idea why I still faff around with cotton pads and nail varnish remover!