Sunday, 31 August 2014

Discover Your Perfect Eyeliner

Okay so we know there are a wide variety of formulas, finishes and forms of eyeliner on the market. The beauty industry is constantly reforming itself and I credit exactly that for allowing diversity for us consumers. Todays hot topic is how to discover your perfect eyeliner that is to be determined by how you like to wear it. There are many points to consider what is right for your preference so I have thrown in some pros and cons to help that little more. May the mission commence..

Winged or Inner Tearduct Pointed - The winged liner may be the bane of many of our lives but the level of precision (not to mention patience) is undeniable. The skill that it takes for this variation of liner suggests gel and liquid liner would be best for you.
Pros: Accuracy is achievable, the formulation is easy to apply and stays well.
Cons: Time consuming, Gel can be drying, liquid can have a shiny and unnatural finish.

Subtle - The simple curved line on the top of the lid or the illusion of a fuller lash by applying to the tight line. Gel would be best for this primarily due to it being a good middle man between being clean and crisp but still impactful.
Pros: Completely matte black, allows a slick and distinct line and easiest to control a very thin line.
Cons: Can go clumpy, requires a fine brush and significant attention to detail.

Smoked - The effortlessly done look that almost gives the effect of 'day old' make-up. This is my personal favourite as I love the smouldering look it gives and have found it flattering on every eye colour. A soft, easy to smudge kohl pencil is ideal for this type of liner.
Pros: Soft to apply, easy to blend and extremely versatile as it has potential to be a 'do it all' product.
Cons: Doesn't always stay well, not accurate and requires practice.

Waterline - The impactful way of incorporating colour and making your eyes stand out. You want your liner to have a long lasting, soft formula that won't sting while in such a delicate area. Therefore Kohl would be the best for this purpose.
Pros: Soft, often waterproof and simple formula that won't burn.
Cons: Can smudge and be less pigmented compared to others.

Which have you found to be your perfect liner?

- Rupinder xo

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  1. I've always been a waterline kinda gal. I try to stay away from applying eyeliner on my actual lid (especially thick), because it makes my already very round eye shape EXTREMELY round, almost frog like! I love the waterline as I feel it elongates my eyes to an almost almond shape :D

    Love this post !