Sunday, 17 August 2014

Organisation 101

I am an organisation freak. I feel as though my life would go to pot if I didn't have some form of schedule or routine. It's so unlike me to not have a day planned out or at least know what I am doing in advance. I often get the comments of 'How do you do it?' or ' I wish I could be that organised!' so here I decided to share my tips and tricks on how to get organised and more importantly stay that way..

1. Invest in a diary or notebook - My diary is everything, it is my absolute essential and it never leaves my bag even though I am forever switching them. Keep a handbag friendly sized version so that it's not a burden to lug around and a size you will actually use. This is a far more powerful tool than you think - jot down any reminders, general notes or 'to do lists' to remain in an organised mentality. You can use the handy apps on your phone but there is nothing quite like a cute diary - just sayin'.

2. Stay on top of your weekly plan - I highly recommend opting for planners which display week to week views instead of day to day for this purpose. It's easier to understand how busy you will be when it is laid out clearly in front of you. Create a plan for yourself where you are able to be productive yet have necessary time to wind down. 

3. Have a routine - I understand this isn't the easiest of tasks when you live a busy lifestyle. I am currently working full time in a very busy and demanding job but having a routine is something we will all reap the benefits of. I don't mean you have to plan every minute of the day, it just means having some consistency whether thats the time you wake up, have dinner, go to the gym etc. plan your extras around those staples that you have prioritised.

4. Create a realistic strategy - Biting off more than you can chew is unrealistic and leads to you failing in your daily goals. It's a far more feasible idea thinking of less targets you can actually achieve and getting extras done than running around like a headless chicken. This is a key part of staying organised and is one that is often forgotten about. Be real with yourself and allow that time to relax or re-energise.

5. Think in advance - Remain in the mindset of preparation. Think in advance to any major plans you may have; that includes events, appointments or things you have wanted to do for a long while. Set that in stone and ensure everything else falls into place around that. Unless it is a big deal, I tend to plan a week in advance so I know what is set for the upcoming seven days as I don't tend to be last minute. That however, is personal preference and you of course can opt for an amount that suits you.

- Rupinder xo 

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