Sunday, 14 September 2014

Super Simple, Sweet Treat Recipes

I have been really into baking recently. I always have found something therapeutic about cooking but recently it has just reached a whole new level - I am making time just to bake.

Now although healthy living is really important to me, it's also healthy to indulge in some of the things your body loves. I live by the 80/20 rule and when I crave something, I allow myself to eat it but in a small portion. So set aside the guilt and treat yourself because you deserve it!

#1 Baked Churros with a Chocolate Expresso Sauce - I never usually use recipes but because Churros are traditionally deep fried, I wanted a baked version to save the calories but still enjoy these wonderful things. This was my first time trying it and I used THIS recipe as my starting point. Seen as though I adore coffee and chocolate, I made a small amount of instant coffee (about half a teaspoon worth) and set it aside. I melted a few sticks of chocolate over a pan of hot water and added 2 tablespoons of light double cream - once all was melted, I combined everything and served up - YUM.

#2 Nutella Cheesecake with Chocolate Chips - A complete moment of madness is when I whipped this up. I had no recipe and bloody hell did it taste good! Crush up plenty of chocolate digestives (this depends how much base you like) and smother in melted unsalted butter. After you have ensured all biscuits are coated, grease up a round tray and press down the biscuity goodness. Make sure it's all nice and compact, then chill for at least an hour. Using plain philadephia I added 3 generous tablespoons of caster sugar and as much Nutella as my heart desired. Just taste as you add and you should get there fine. Layer on top of your base and chill for enough hours until it's set. Top with shaved chocolate and gold shimmer sugar for some extra sparkle. Then of course, DEVOUR.

Both of these managed to satisfy us as a family of 4 so I can assure you I didn't eat it all - although at some points I had to force myself to stop wanting more. I encourage you to give these a go because honestly - no words will do them justice.

- Rupinder xo

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  1. That cheesecake looks soooooo yummy, although I don't think anything with Nutella in could ever be a disappointment!