Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Revolutionary 'Kiss' Lash

Anything that is branded 'revolutionary' is sure to grab your attention when browsing the beauty aisles right?! Well, when at my local Superdrug store recently these beautiful lashes caught my eye and held onto it for that very reason.

Whilst I had never heard of 'Kiss' lashes before, I was intrigued by the promise of the most 'natural looking and feeling' lashes that have ever graced the market. I love lashes as much as the next person but when I feel I can't open my eyes properly or feel that sharp spiky sensation on my eyelids every time I blink - uncomfortable is what springs to mind.

These beauties were an opportunity I couldn't pass up and opted for the style 'Iconic' which were a fluttery, tapered lash - just how I like them. The revolution? The tapered ends of the lashes make them look exactly like the real deal as our lashes don't just stop at a blunt end. The feeling? Light as a feather with only some slight irritation because one of the lashes didn't want to co-operate and stay down. 

Aside from the slight application fuss, overall, I give these a big thumbs up. I really liked how they looked, there was an invisible, light band which makes them a breeze to wear and they look like 'my lashes but better' which is always a winner. For me, they are lashes that would be the type to wear everyday if you typically do so because for my taste, they aren't quite dramatic enough for a heavy smokey eye or evening out. I personally suffer no rejection from sporting falsies on just your regular day but if you are one for a pretty, natural look all the time - these would be a great choice for special occasion lashes. Either way, they are super versatile and ones that you can't really go wrong with - particularly for it's purse friendly price of £4.49. After all, no-one needs to know if they aren't real. 

- Rupinder xo

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