Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Many Faces Of Anastasia's Dipbrow Pomade

The one and only, Dipbrow Pomade. A name I'm sure you are familiar with by now and if not, then you're well and truly in for a treat. It's essentially a creamy brow miracle that is used to fill in the sparse areas and also used for a clean, sleek outlined finish. The consistency is completely waterproof, will last you what feels like a lifetime and is highly pigmented yet amazingly light. That's a lot to take in I know but I'm just getting started..

The brilliance lies in not just it's wonderful brow powers but of it's multi functions. Which I have narrowed down to a very difficult three top uses to show that you too, can sport this in more ways than you think:

1. A cream eyeshadow/ base - Not your standard procedure,but if you are doing an intense smokey eye, I have found the rich brown tones of the pomade to be ah-mazing for intensifying the pigment of eyeshadows and don't even get me started on it's staying power. Also, who doesn't love a cream eyeshadow? One speedy swipe of this on your lid and you are good to go, all day long.

2. An eyeliner - It looks like a gel liner, it isn't a gel liner, but it can be used as one. Browns look far less harsh than blacks but still have that striking effect, so don't be afraid to wear this in the waterline or along the upper lash line for a finishing touch to your eye make-up.

3. An eyelash primer - The best way I could describe the texture is almost like a mousse. Considering it's smudge and general climate-proof traits, it's a surprise how it feels like there is absolutely nothing on. Now I know this is in a brown tone and the most common of mascaras are black, but bear in mind that it's actually formulated to prime your brows ready for powder. Apply a light amount to your lashes using a dense brush and once it has almost set, sweep on your mascara and no one will know the difference. Except you, because your lashes have stayed the bomb dot com all day.

I have to say, this stuff really is the business. Can you tell it's love?

- Rupinder xo