Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wearable Whites

In recent months we have seen the rise in love for white nails. It's a look that I personally adored from the get up and since it's in such high demand, we can now enjoy several brands with their renditions of the shade. From mattes and frosts to shimmers and glitters, it's safe to say that we are spoilt for choice with so much available. I have however noticed that many people find it difficult to wear and feel that it may not suit them or their skin colour when in reality, it will.

- Get the right shade for you: If I had a pound for every time someone asked me if I was wearing Tippex on my nails then I would be one wealthy lady. Yes, I'm sure many can relate to the school days in which the possibilities of Tippex were endless so we would cover our hands in the stuff. It need not be so scary and it doesn't have to be that bright white you're not so sure of. Instead try whites with hints of a pink, beiges and off-whites, something that looks just as chic. My favourite for this is Barry M's 'Coconut' - it's just beautiful.

- Go for your favourite finish: Going back to the first point and the Tippex reference, the finish doesn't have to be matte. You can go for something that is pearlescent for a very subtle shimmer or you can go to town with good old chunky glitter - it's totally up to you. It kind of distracts from that bold look you get with a matte and you can't really go wrong with sparkles can you?

I instantly took the plunge by getting right into those bright whites and loved them. If you're like me, then always apply a bottom white base coat like OPI's 'Put a coat on' to bring out the best in your polish. To go over the top, my absolute favourites in terms of look, application and finish are OPI's 'Alpine Snow' and Essie's 'Blanc'. Both being so opaque and the perfect consistency, I can't help but reach for those to get the job done in the best way possible.

- Rupinder xo

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  1. Wish my nails were this lovely! I really like the color by the way! :D