Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Glam Glowin'

Whether you are a beauty obsessor or not, I'm sure you will have come across this product at some point. GlamGlow has been raved about by everyone and their dog and I am well aware that having only just received this for Christmas, I am very late to this beautiful skin party. Sitting right at the top of my very sparse list to Santa, this was only one of two things that I really wanted. Once I tore that wrapping paper open, I wasted no time in trying out this product I had so desperately wanted and yes, I already feel I can deliver my verdict.

You probably know by now that I am prone to break outs and I always like to give my skin a bit of a treat when it comes to masks so something that would cleanse and help with problematic areas would be perfect. Enter the 'Super Mud Clearing Treatment'. Containing all kinds of anti oxidants and complexion miracles - GlamGlow sure do promise all things for a flawless face. 

The directions for use instructed a thin layer is to be applied onto clean skin and after opening the product I noticed instantly how thin in consistency it was. It sat well on my skin and had a slight tingling feel which I have always believed to be a positive indication that it's working. After leaving the mask do its thing for about 20 minutes, I rinsed off with warm water and unbelievably noticed the difference after ONE use. Yes, ONE use. My skin was radiant, soft, glowing and has truly never looked and felt so healthy. You can also use this as a blemish treatment which you apply to the areas needed and leave it over night to wake up with next to nothing. Considering my extensive list of high expectations, I am beyond happy to report that this delivered on every requirement I had hoped for and was worth every single dime - even though it's price tag is a small fortune.

- Rupinder xo


  1. UGH this has made me want this even more, and I want it a lot! It's just so expensive! I might ask for it for my birthday as I just can't bring myself to part with nearly £50 :) sounds fab though!

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  2. How could one not be aware of the oh-so-famous Glam Glow?
    It seems amazing and I hope you had a great Christmas! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 
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