Thursday, 26 February 2015

Life Update: Taking A Break, Clearing Out & What's To Come

Hello Stranger!

How have you been?!

So you may or may not have noticed that I took a little bit of time out from social media and my blog. I recently got extremely overwhelmed with how much I was working and even with my time management skills being the best they have ever been - I honestly just needed some chill out time for the sake of my sanity. I didn't want to arrive home after a busy, long day and force myself to blog because that's not what I wanted this is all to be about. Hence why I felt the break was necessary. This is hardly one of those 'I'm back' posts since it was a very brief absence but I still wanted to chat about it since I felt it's only fair to you lovely people who take the time out to read my blog. 

Moving on from that, I also wanted to point out that I've had a bit of a clear out. I wasn't completely proud of some of my content and felt I needed to work on that. Like many of us, I spend far too much of my time comparing myself to others and what I could be, which led to me feeling like I have a lot to brush up on. I enjoy looking back on some of my older posts to see my progress however, there were some that I thought were a hot mess. For those reasons, I underwent my little spring clean that I felt was a must.

Following on from the last point, the final thing I wanted to fill you all in on was the areas that I want to improve and work on. I've been doing my homework with regards to ways I can make my photos and general content top notch which I am excited to start doing. I plan to invest more time in this than ever and to help me allocate more time, I've changed things around so you can now expect new posts every Monday and Thursday. Hopefully that will ensure that even when I look back - I will still be pleased with what I have put out for you. 

Apologies if this may seem like an unnecessary ramble but I wanted to get you all up to speed so that we are on the same page. Have a lovely weekend and I'll see you all again on Monday! ;)

- Rupinder xo


  1. Oh I so understand this! It is really hard working full time and still coming back to blog. I like that you've chosen two days to upload, I think I should set myself two days too - might prompt me to think of content. My trouble is producing content that I think is worthy!

    1. I'm with you on that! It's 100% more about quality rather than quantity but it's difficult to feel that what you have IS good enough. I'm ALWAYS doubting myself but we can work on it and get there! :) <3 xx

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