Friday, 6 March 2015

The Make-Up Removal Miracle

As much as I adore make-up, after a long day or evening, I just want the stuff off my face - pronto. MAC Cleanse Off Oil came into my life recently and I realised that an answer to my prayers was never too far away. This is quite possibly the fastest and most efficient way to get every last scrap of product off your face - all in a matter of seconds. The oil is dispensed out of a handy pump and I have found at most, two amounts is more than enough. The oil itself is very lightweight and not greasy in the slightest, yet is still able to break down even the toughest of mascaras and stubborn of lipsticks. I directly apply the product to my skin and massage away all that I have on my face over the sink and then run over that with warm water. The oil reacts to this and turns into a milky texture that when wiped away with a flannel leaves you fresh faced as easily as that.

Essentially a quick swish of this all over will get everything off and there's not much more that you could ask for when it comes to make-up removal. If you have sensitive or oily skin, there is a more gentle version of this product which will best suited for you but is still just as effective. This sits up there as one of the best beauty purchases I've made in a long time however if you're one to easily get messy - approach and handle with caution. Scrubbing down your sink afterwards doesn't need to be a part of the deal.

- Rupinder xo

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