Thursday, 2 April 2015

All Things Rome

As some of you may know, last week I swapped the damp, paved streets in England for the sunny, cobbled beauty that is the city of Rome. We all need some time out and my desire to travel this year was just too much for me to bear so I planned a short but sweet break. Having Italians in my family, I was torn between a fast paced holiday full of exploring in the capital or a relaxing, peaceful get away with my loved ones in Florence. It was a decision purely based on the weather to go for Rome since the climate is slightly cooler - perfect for visiting the sights and wandering around. 

As a brief insight, this post contains a mish mash of photos that I took whilst doing exactly that. Myself, my brother and my mum had the most incredible time in a place that was far more amazing than I ever imagined. We walked around for hours everyday admiring the best of what was to offer, enjoying the traditional food, local coffee shops, art galleries, churches and of course the unbelievable architecture. The buildings were absolutely beautiful and I was in awe of every little street that I turned. In a place that's bursting with that much history and culture - it was hard not to fall in love with everything around me. 

More details and an in-depth post of what we got up to and my recommendations are coming soon but until then, I plan on re-living the memories through these photos as the rain beats down on my window sill. There's no place like home hey?!

- Rupinder xo

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  1. Ahhhh so glad you had a good time!!!! I LOVE Italy, I miss Naples every day :( and the pizza is amazing there right?! that your bae?! :DDDD