Thursday, 23 April 2015

The BEST Breakfast: Raspberry & Coconut Overnight Oats

Spring has sprung and Summer will be here before we know it. As much as I'm dreaming about Ice creams, Frappucinos and Barbecues, I'm making sure I stay in focus of a balanced diet by keeping in mind that summer bod I'm aiming for. I don't doubt you already know the importance of breakfast but if you're like me, you struggle to find delicious recipes that you don't end up getting sick of. Having been a fan of overnight oats for a while, I've been improvising with different flavours to make sure I don't get tired of this yummy, nutritious breakfast that keeps me full for hours. That's where my latest creation comes in. Raspberries are coming into season which means they will be affordable, incredibly sweet and are the perfect fruit to enjoy right now. If you're not a coconut lover, then you can skip that out and add cinnamon or just enjoy it alone. I however, could all things coconut all day, err-day.

The Method:

1. Mix one and a half cups of unsweetened Almond milk with half a cup of plain porridge oats and add 2-3 tbsps of raw, organic honey.
2. In a separate bowl, soften a handful of raspberries with a fork. Combine with the other mixture and sprinkle in as little or as many desiccated coconut flakes as you like.
3. Set in the fridge overnight. Demolish in the morning.

Yes - that's all. It's rare I have enough time in the a.m. to cook and fuss about so to just grab this straight from the fridge is an absolute god send. For all you ladies on the go - I got you. This gives you energy, is refreshing, sweet and just SO GOOD. Feel free to add Organic Cocoa powder for something a little more indulgent or as a healthy dessert option that's totally guilt free!

Do you have any other breakfast ideas?

- Rupinder xo

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