Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Ultimate Summer Red

Orange and peachy tones are what I instantly associate with summer when it comes to make-up. I have a select few products that are my favourites for different seasons and it's now I'm tucking away my vampy, berry lip colours to go for something vibrant and more fun. One product that never lets me down is MAC's Lady Danger. Even though I am sure most of you have heard of this colour in case you haven't, this lipstick is the ideal orange-toned-red. There's not a single skin tone that I don't like this on and despite it being slightly more red on some and more orange on others, I find it absolutely perfect on me. I have tried so many similar alternatives from other brands but even now, there is nothing quite like this shade. It's one of a kind that is just beautiful. Sometimes I dab this on lightly for more of a hint of colour but most of the time I go the full mile and build it up to be bold and bright. For a girl that is a die hard nude lip lover, it's not often you will see me recommend a colour like this so highly but I couldn't not share the love.

- Rupinder xo

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