Thursday, 7 May 2015

Eyes To Kill In 5 Minutes

If we're realistic, the words 'Eyeliner in five minutes' is not just daunting but feels almost impossible. Before you think of uneven panda eyes and wings pointing in two different directions, the aim of today's game is to share what I do when it's the early hours of the morning but I need to make some effort with my face.  

My eyeliner of choice when I go for this look is Benefit's 'They're Real' gel liner* and as much as this has the beauty community divided I do actually really like this. Once you have got the hang of how to  use the applicator and make sure that you keep the orange stopper in the tip to keep the formula from drying out, you really get to appreciate just how good this is. The faff of a brush and gel pot are long gone and you are left with a JET black, bulletproof liner. Just what the doctor ordered. Keeping it in the family, I also really like the beloved 'They're Real' mascara* to complete the look with lashes for days. The wand on this is amazing for grabbing every single one of your lashes for optimal drama and it doesn't budge all day.

- Have cotton buds and an oil based make-up remover on standby ready to tidy up those mistakes. Prep your lids with any base that you like and dust over some face powder so that your eyes don't feel as gritty and you will get an easier, more seamless blend of product over the top.
- Hold your mirror at a slight angle below you and look downwards at your mirror so you aren't squinting or trying to work magic on one eye that's shut while trying to keep the other open.
- Go in small sections from the inner corner of the eye to the outer area. By breaking everything up its far more manageable and faster.
- If things just aren't going your way, before that liner has had chance to set take a cotton bud or ideally a small detailer brush and smoke it out. Diffuse it by going back and forth up onto the lid. 
- You can create a soft flick by taking your liner a little too far out from the outer corner and taking a cotton bud with remover and swiping it up towards the tail of your brow.
- If you feel that you have got too eyeliner happy use the remover again to take off any excess product and to clean any mistakes. 

It's worth throwing it in here that with anything make-up related practice will always make perfect. Trial and error will get you into finding your own way that works for you and the above are some of the ways that have really helped me. By applying these you can get everything from the perfect feline flick and if that doesn't go to plan, how to work it when it all goes wrong. 

- Rupinder xo

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