Thursday, 21 May 2015

My Ultimate Handbag Fragrance

Once again, a blog post on a brand that is so highly rated but one I never jumped on the bandwagon with. Jo Malone. The queen of luxurious fragrances that each and every one smell so incredible I never know where to start. I was always overwhelmed when I visited a store and my indecisive nature never led me to actually making a purchase because I would always want them all. Thankfully, I met the loveliest assistant who was SO helpful and with the patience of a saint to be by my side while I took my time making a decision. I opted for a 100ml bottle of a different scent that has become my absolute go to and my favourite of life, but more on that at a later date. For now, onto the mini I bought to live in my handbag.

Pomegranate Noir is one of the brand's best sellers yet has a smell that has people torn whether they adore it or feel it's a little too much. Even with my extremely sensitive sense of smell, I fell absolutely in love with it and couldn't go without. It's dark, spicy and woody smelling but with a kick of sweetness to it. The assistant described it as 'Dark and enigmatic with rich juices of pomegranate, raspberry and plum that are spiked with pink pepper'. Which, lets face it, just sounds amazing. It's always difficult to do perfumes justice when writing about them because I personally feel, it's one of those things you have to test out for yourself to see whether you're a lover or not. Even with the best description in the world, it's hard to paint an exact picture of it. Although, for someone who has always been a sweet cologne lover, I never realised how obsessed I could be these muskier scents. I also have a strong feeling this is only the beginning of my new addiction. Oh dear... 

- Rupinder xo

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