Monday, 11 May 2015

Why You Need The Beauty Blender

If I'm completely honest, I never really understood the hype behind the Beauty Blender. Despite everyone and their dog raving about how amazing and revolutionary this tool is, I never felt it worth the price tag for what was essentially a sponge. That said, I've been assessing what my make-up kit has been lacking recently and I realised how this could be handy to have with my clients. I scouted around and found it much better to buy two than one so that I keep ontop of them being hygienic and for different uses. That was the plan.

Since then, only one has made it into my kit because I decided to keep the other for myself. Oops. Anyway, if you were anything like me and quite skeptical, here are some reasons why I love this baby and why you might too..

1. It blends creams and liquids beautifully - The name is a bit of a giveaway but when the sponge is completely damp, it bounces off the skin and makes your foundation and concealer look airbrushed.
2. It melts products so that they look like your skin - Following on from the first point, none of the products you apply sit on the surface and look cakey, everything is melted in for a flawless but natural finish.
3. You can sheer make-up out and build it up - This is able to build upon certain products in specific areas as well as being able to take away any excess. It doesn't absorb very much make-up at all but just enough for you to not go overboard - making it a dream to work with.
4. It fits comfortably in all parts of the face - The teardrop shape of the sponge means it's small enough to get into the inner corner of the eye and around the nose comfortably along with being big enough to get the rest of your face done fast.
5. You can use this alone to apply your entire base make-up - Sweep all your base brushes to the side. With creams and liquids, all you will need is to put the product on with your fingers and the rest is taken care of. Perfect for a quick fix or if you have to keep your tools to a minimum.

I picked up mine from Amazon but you can get them from all sorts of websites online - just be sure that they are the real deal to get your moneys worth. Even though I had my reservations about it, I can see why there is this level of hype because I have noticed the biggest difference in not just how my make-up looks but also feels. If you have tried the beauty blender before, let me know your thoughts too and if you love it as much as I do!

- Rupinder xo

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