Monday, 22 June 2015

Make-Up Setting Sprays - Yay or Nay?

Regardless of if we are spending a speedy 5 minutes or an intense hour - we need our make- up to last. We know that primers can help us out with that but it seems that make-up setting sprays aren't as highly rated. I personally would choose the finishing product over the primer because the sprays are more of a sealant for everything on the face. It's the season for big events and occasions so I've picked out the Crème de la Crème to leave you looking your best for longer. 

1. MAC's Fix + - One of my absolute holy grail products. Confusingly I wouldn't say this is the best setting spray on the market by hands down one of the most useful. This stuff for me is like heaven in a bottle. It refreshes my make-up throughout the day, I spray my brushes with it when applying my make-up, it adds glow, blurs powders to make them look more natural and generally gives an airbrushed finish. It is Glycerin based so in theory, it should help your make-up last hours longer but I would say that's dependant on your skin type. I have oily/ combination skin so for me, it probably gives me a few hours extra wear tops but it's a winner on every other front.

2. Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray - An oil controlling spray which blends all my make-up into one another whilst keep shine at bay. I was originally worried about this being quite a heavy spray and affecting how my make-up feels however this is completely weightless. I was never really one of those girls to spray their face with hairspray but if I did, this what I imagine the effect to have been. This manages to somehow leave my make-up looking fresh for hours long even through a long and busy day - trust me, that's some achievement.

Nine times out of ten I will mix the two of these for the ultimate formula. If these two had a baby, we would really have something special but as it stands, I'm happy to make the magic myself!

- Rupinder xo

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  1. I've actually been told that Fix+ isn't a setting spray, more a moisturising one. It has molecules to set make-up, but I think that's why you'll find on oily skin it'll only give you a couple of hours.
    I have the UD spray and I love it, seriously I was blown away by it when I first tried it and it's still something I use when I want my make-up to last all day.