Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Best Of Budget Eyeshadows

When I first started out wearing make-up I wasn't much of an eyeshadow wearer and never really understood formulas let alone the differences between high end and high street. The drugstore make-up market has grown so much since then and the quality of products has been getting better and better. Since becoming a make-up artist and learning what I have over the years, I have become a lot more familiar with finishes, pigments, textures - you name it. I have also been able to play around with both more expensive and cheaper brands which has led me to discovering some truly amazing products that rival high end for a fraction of the price. After a good old rummage through my excessive stash, I thought I would do a quick favourites breakdown for you..

1. Make-Up Revolution - I was late to join the hype with this one but Make-Up Revolution has some seriously good stuff. Their colours and palettes look suspiciously similar to ones from Urban Decay but formula wise, they are pretty good. Aside from the odd bit of fall out, these blend easily and have a buttery feeling all for a price that's cheap as chips.

2. W7 - A brand I never really paid attention to at all but since Nic from Pixiwoo mentioned she preferred their versions of the Naked Palette over the real deal, I just needed to give them a whirl. They are super affordable and amazingly, I experienced no fall out at all. That's some achievement. I also found these soft to the touch and the shimmery tones look like foil on the lids. Yes, really.

3. Sleek - Possibly my favourite of the lot. I adore Sleek as a brand and their eyeshadows are incredible. They are a dream to work with and blend - not to mention very densely pigmented. They are the most expensive of all the others mentioned but are worth far more than you pay in my opinion.

4. MUA - The brand who came in and changed the face of budget beauty. Moving well on from Natural Collection, MUA came in and took things to the next level. While I do find their shadows slightly chalky at times, the shade range leaves you spoilt for choice and you can't knock the pigmentation for the price.

As my collection and kit expands, I'm hoping to find some more gems that I love as much as these - so if you know of any other amazing things I need to try.. Holla!

- Rupinder xo

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