Thursday, 16 July 2015

The One Shower Product That Does It All

Aside from the obscenely cute packaging, Soap and Glory is fast becoming one of my favourite high street brands. For a long time, I thought a lot of their products were overpriced and overrated but it seems that the newest make-up and body products have swooped in and completely changed my mind. I'm not sure if this is the latest addition to the range but it's certainly one that you need to get your mitts on..

The 'Orangeasm' body polish and exfoliator first off comes in a handy and hygieic squeezy tube which wins major pro points for me. Of course I expected nothing less than adorable, retro style packaging which obviously looks amazing but what's inside just makes everything better.

Little orange beads are floating around in a thick gel which first off had me confused since it's not like any other exfoliator that I have tried. The formula feels like the ideal balance of a 2 in 1 - the grittiness of an exfoliator but the cleanliness of a shower gel which turned out to be bloody genius. The beads are tough enough to really get the job done but the gel feels almost hydrating and smoothes over everything so your skin doesn't feel as stripped. Living up to its cleansing and polishing name. My skin feels brand new with this and even though I wouldn't recommend it for everyday use, it is able to do everything and is perfect for travelling and as your shower staple. All that and most of all, it smells good enough to eat. If that isn't enough to convince you this stuff is awesome, I should probably also throw it in here that it's limited edition! Go, go, go..

- Rupinder xo 

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  1. This one looks interesting! So sad I can't find anything Soap and Glory in Japan :(