Thursday, 13 August 2015

Get Summer Perfect Skin: Eat Your Water

Charlotte Tilbury once described the sun as 'beauty suicide' and even though that's arguably one of the best statements I've heard for a while, that doesn't mean you need to lock yourself indoors and become a vampire. Protecting your skin against the harmful UVA and UVB rays are an essential - that's no secret to any of us. That said, we also need to get our decent dose of Vitamin D and allow ourselves to enjoy the warmer weather and beautiful sunshine. So alongside lathering yourself in a good SPF, one of the fundamental beauty tips for the summer? Eat.. yes EAT, your water.

Still continue drinking all that you can to flush out the toxins and get your skin looking flawless, but take things to the next level by eating water based fruits and vegetables. That's foods like cucumbers and lettuce which are 96% water along with courgettes, celery and tomatoes which contain 94 - 95%. Fruits include watermelons and strawberries which hold 92% along with cantaloupe and grapefruits which are around 90 - 91%. Your body will feel and show the benefits of eating water more than it will simply from the fluid flowing right through. Many dermatologists rave about eating high water based foods particularly during the summer time since eating a small portion of one of the mentioned fruit or veg would hydrate you double the amount a glass of water would! 

So in a nutshell, you will be left much more hydrated, not to mention looking and feeling gorgeous all day - who can complain about that?!

- Rupinder xo


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    1. Great post lovely! I adore cucumber and feel like my skin looks a lot better when I eat it on a regular basis | A friendly beauty and lifestyle blog ❤