Thursday, 20 August 2015

Top 5 Money Saving Beauty Tips

It's hard to keep up with the beauty industry sometimes. Even though it's a part of my job to stay ontop of trends, new releases and formulas, it gets overwhelming with how fast things move. Make-Up phases come and go, new technology is created what feels like everyday and brands are going into a frenzy releasing collections throughout the year. Yes it's exciting and amazing but if we keep it real here - it gets expensive. You don't always need to go budget for everything and there are ways to make your money go that little bit further..

1. Go Full Coverage - I love skin to look like skin and even though people think full coverage means 'heavy' and 'caked' - it doesn't. How much you choose to apply is completely up to you but by going for maximum coverage in your products makes it much more versatile. You can mix a little with a moisturiser for your very own tinted moisturiser, sheer it out with some setting spray for a light foundation or build it up for a flawless, special event effect. Spend your money well the once and you will be set for a good few months for everything.

2. Samples  - Samples are key in making sure that something is right for you. It's rare that you can get full refunds or money back if that product hasn't worked for you and that's an instant way for your money to have been wasted. I highly recommend asking for samples for whatever possible especially if you have sensitive skin - try it out at home and that way you will be 100% sure if the investment is worthy. 

3. Multi-functional Beauty - Having that one product that can do a lot not just saves on the pennies but also practicality. Think cream products that can be used on the lips and cheeks, bronzers that can be used as eyeshadows, eyeshadows that can be used as highlighters and so on. Getting more than one use out of something makes your spend a lot more beneficial.

4. Keep Your Mascara Wands - Wands can make or break a mascara and formula is an extra bonus. Larger brushes will tend to give you more of a dramatic look and thinner, fine bristled brushes will give more of a soft and defined look. When you've found something that works for you, hold onto the brush, keep it clean and use it as a spooley for your brows or with a cheaper mascara that will still do an awesome job.

5. Getting Back - Give and get back schemes are the perfect way to get your moneys worth with beauty. For instance, MAC'S 'Back To Mac' programme where if you return 6 empty containers, you receive a free lipstick or if you buy a foundation and Face Protect primer, you get a mini bag of sample sized products. Look out for bonus things where you can and go for package deals only if you actually need it - but then again I should probably start telling myself that.. 

- Rupinder xo


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