Monday, 7 September 2015

The 2 Minute Hairstyle I Could Live In..

I'm one of those girls that loves having my hair up but who hates how it looks. When I'm lounging about, my locks will indefinitely be thrown up in a high top knot and the chill time sets in. The feeling of not being swamped by my hair is utter bliss but at the same time not one that I feel is suited for when I leave the comfort of my own home. Hence the compromise you see above..

Ideal for school, work or even just being at home where you want the majority of your hair out of your face. It takes a matter of minutes to achieve and there is no real styling involved.. Winning.

1. Take your hair as it naturally falls and leave out some strands to frame your face.
2. Separate a chunk from the crown as though you were going to do a half up, half down style. As little or as much as you want to grab is completely up to you.
3. Scrunch up the hair in a messy bun and fasten with a bobble. Pin down any fly aways if need be.
4. Blitz with a touch of hairspray and dry texturizing spray.

Yes. that's it. As basic as it could possibly get but it's practical and still looks as though you've made some effort. I also took inspiration from JLO to create this so if you're undecided whether you're a fan - I think that justifies everything..

- Rupinder xo


  1. I love those kind of mini buns too, effortless but super cute!

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