Thursday, 17 September 2015

Top 5 Tips For Longer, Healthier Hair

Since adding hints of lighter colour, I have realised more so now than ever, the importance of taking care of my hair. Being naturally a rich, dark brown colour, I find that even though I have used virtually no bleach to get honey tips - there is a hell of a lot of maintenance involved. While I have always been good to it, I have recently been making more of an effort to step up my game so that the cracks don't begin to show..

1. Use minimal heat - This is a fairly obvious one but worth mentioning since it can make the world of difference. Hot styling tools damage the hair follicles when consistently used and encourages breakage. So keep the use of them down to a minimum for healthier hair. Using things like 'Tresemme's 7 Day Straight' serum have really helped hold my style for longer and means less fuss in the morning too.

2. Don't overwash - This isn't the standard 'Don't wash your hair too often' thing but instead a tip that requires you not completely washing out your conditioner. I very quickly flick my hair under the shower when rinsing out the product and have found my hair uses the remnants to stay glossy, soft and frizz free.

3. Blitz your hair with cold water - Following on from the above, a flash of ice cold water on the ends after conditioning seals in the oils your hair has absorbed during washing. You will notice your hair feels much more silky and shiny - not to mention the hydration it has benefited from.

3. Hair Masques - Something I absolutely SWEAR by. Rubbing in some essential oils to the ends of my hair or lathering it up with conditioner and let it soak for a few hours, if not overnight will work wonders. It's incredible for hair growth and repairing already dry, damaged hair. Doing these regularly has been one of the biggest helps in getting my hair to the healthy state it's in right now. 

4. Use the right tools - Tightly packed bristles on hairbrushes are a no go unless you are using them to tease or backcomb. Instead go for wide tooth combs, tangle teezers or wet brushes which are a lot more gentle and don't pull, strain or break your tresses. 

5. Take care of your scalp - The majority of this piece has been centred around taking care of the hair itself but your scalp is the most important part of the package. Looking after that is just as important if not more and should get as much attention as though it's a part of your skincare routine. Do regular head massages that get the blood flowing to the follicle and use treatments that nourish the area which does all the work and you will see the benefits with that more than anything!

- Rupinder xo


  1. Great tips, I've found the condition of my hair has really improved since I reduced the use of heat on it. I didn't know how important it was to massage the scalp though so I will start doing this more!


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  4. Wonderful advice, thank you.
    we are increasingly going back to nature.

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