Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Last Minute Halloween Rush

I have a few things planned this year when it comes to Halloween but they are all completely separate occasions so I had the luxury of choosing one look and it will cover all my events. As well and good as that may sound, for someone who is usually organised to each second of the day - I managed to leave everything to the last minute. Having to throw something half decent together in next to no time wasn't my idea of fun but since we have less than a week to go, I hoped sharing this would help you out too!

I was inspired by the Venetian Masquerade Ball and how mysterious but almost creepy the costumes look. I didn't have the time to go all out but a mask, gloves and black dress did the job just fine and you can easily plan around whatever you already have in your wardrobe! I chose to go reasonably dramatic with the make-up because it's Halloween and there's no such thing as too much - right?! Anyway, you can take from this whatever you like and adjust it how you see fit which is what makes it even better! :)

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

- Rupinder xo

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